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Introducing Work/Place, a podcast on where and how we work, with host Sydney Allen-Ash, Lane Founders, Clinton Robinson and Kofi Gyekye and special guests. In each episode, listeners are immersed in a possible future of work, followed by a discussion exploring alternative visions of how things might unfold.

Hosted by Sydney Allen-Ash

Sydney Allen-Ash is an independent strategist, creative producer and organizational consultant with a background spanning fashion, advertising, HR, and communications. She mixes traditional and non-traditional approaches to create culture change and transformation inside and outside of organizations. Outside of her independent practice, Sydney is the creator and host of two podcasts, Toenails (a podcast about running and also not about running) and Re:Search (a podcast about ideas). Sydney is often called upon as a speaker and moderator for discussions focused on the relationship between innovation and inclusion in creative industries and academia. Sydney is currently based in North Vancouver, likes corded headphones, and is obsessed with reading dog bios on Petfinder.com.

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Episode 000
Introducing Work/Place

Voice: Sorry to interrupt…

Syd: Welcome to Work/Place. We are going to be talking about all things, work-life balance… 

Clint: …things that we've created for workers. They're all aimed at that thought worker class. 

Radha: We’re not really talking about automation and how it's affected the non white-collar worker.

Syd: The relationship between time and work.

Shawn: I don’t know anyone who has the professional level of insight that an athlete has. 

Kofi: It’d be nice add the emotional layer to your communication style. 

Shawn: I've tried to lean away from big corporate having insights into my emotional state.

Syd: Workplaces in light of global climate crises. 

Edward: Probably the largest existential risk beyond all out nuclear war. Can you keep people employed when you're trying not to use them? Youth will not want to work in a dirty industry.  

Syd: What happens when digital and physical realities mix? 

Rahaf: You could create optimal personalities to give people that type of compassion, that type of support that's actually going to help us fix problems.

Syd: Radha Mistry, Sean Stewart, Edward Burtynsky, Rahaf Harfoush.  Brought to you by Lane.


Work/Place is brought to you by Lane and Toronto-based Foresight studio, From Later

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Published on April 27th 2021